What does 2014 have in store for Jumbo Loans?

We have a few months before ushering in the new year 2014, but you may need to hurry your Luxury Home purchase before we toot our horns on New Years Eve to beat the tighter lending standards set for 2014. According to the Wall Street Journal, Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae may lower the Jumbo Loan limits […]

Lower Interest Rates on Jumbo Loans!!!

This is unprecedented! Jumbo Loan interest rates are LOWER – yes, LOWER – than traditional conventional loans. In my previous blog posts, interest rates for Jumbo Loans have always been more than traditional loans rates because the risk is higher on a more expensive home. But now, with the traditional interest rates increasing, Jumbo mortgages […]

Are Jumbo Loans easier to get on the Outer Banks now?

I have recently posted blogs about Jumbo Loans, but according to Realtor Magazine and the above news clip, Jumbo Loans are looking easier to obtain which is big news for anyone trying to purchase a home on the Outer Banks over $417,000. Inside Mortgage Finance reported, the first part of this year, $54 BILLION in […]

Jumbo Loan Requirements for Buyers on the Outer Banks

With jumbo loans making a come-back into the Outer Banks mortgage market, many a luxury buyers (and sellers) are rejoicing! But before you go dial up your favorite lender , you may want to know; Jumbo loans are coming with jumbo buyer requirements. Specifically – buyers across the luxury home market that are considering a […]

Jumbo Loans on the Outer Banks

According to the National Association of Realtors sales of homes in the $750,000.00 – $1,000,000.00 range are UP  38.7% from a year ago and the $1,000,000.00 plus range are UP 25.7%! So why the sudden surge in luxury home purchases? One big player in that game is the reappearance of Jumbo loans. Jumbo loans cover […]