2015 February Sale Stats for the Outer Banks

With a couple months into 2015, housing sales started a little strong. However, when the weather turned cold and snowy, sales predictably went south (who wouldn’t to find warmer temps!). But overall, the AVERAGE sales were up 6% over last year. ON THE AVERAGE Residential Sales for single family homes were up 7% with 178 […]

Outer Banks Real Estate Market for April 2014

April sales were up 24% over March sales on the Outer Banks; however, for 2014, total sales are 12% down from this time last year. Commercial sales are up 35% over last year, but residential sales are down 7% and land sales are down by 30% over 2013. Distressed property sales are still down 44% […]

Outer Banks March Housing Numbers

Inventory is up, but sales are down. We may have bottomed out on the Outer Banks, but it still may take some time to get our heads above water. Homes are selling but it does take a little time and a lot of professional know-how. That’s where I come in to help with the sale […]

Outer Banks Housing Market for February 2014

  Slowly, but surely, the housing numbers are looking better than they have for months. Distressed homes are a minor fraction of the Outer Banks Housing market and home sales are up 4% – Commercial sales up 100%!! Spring begins this week and is only 3 months before Summer starts, but you know Vacationing begins […]

Over-All numbers don’t show localized trends on the Outer Banks

The over-all home sales and home prices on the Outer Banks have continually declined over the last two years. HOWEVER, the key word here is “over-all” which includes all areas on the Outer Banks and averages it out. It doesn’t show what individual communities are showing in their home sales and home prices. Even though […]

Ready for Spring on the Outer Banks??

Can you believe it SNOWED on the Outer Banks?? And now it’s icy??? Everything shut down?????? Spring sure doesn’t seem too close, does it? But it will be here sooner than you think and now is the time to get ready for Spring Selling Season on the Outer Banks. From the most recent Outer Banks Realtors(r) Market […]

November Real Estate Numbers on the Outer Banks

Can you believe Christmas is next week? New Years is just around the corner and the real estate market is reflecting both holidays – seasonal slowdown. However, that gives everyone a chance to take a breath for the upcoming selling and buying season which generally starts right after the 1st of the year. Almost 50% […]

Do Home Sales Stop with the Holidays?

Halloween is tomorrow and it isn’t long before the Holidays are upon us. Have you SEEN those holiday commercials already?? Are the Holidays REALLY a good time to list your home? You BET it is!! Here are the Top 3 Reasons you should list your home on the Outer Banks: 1. Buyers are getting down […]

Outer Banks 3rd Quarter Real Estate Market Report

So far the sales for 2013 are up from last year; however, the sales price is a bit lower … but how does the entire Outer Banks Real Estate market look? Check it out below!!

October on the Outer Banks!

Fun on the Outer Banks doesn’t end with Summer! Look at all the fun things to do JUST in October!! Eat, dance, exercise and get scared all month long! It’s always fun here on the Outer Banks!! Eastern Surf Kayak Association Contest October 3 – 6 This event features a standard kayak competition format in […]