Staging your Home to Sell on the Outer Banks

Are you thinking about staging your home to sell on the Outer Banks? As you’re walking around your home getting ideas, there are some things you may want to keep in mind as you get ideas …..


Your home furnishing may be a bit dated. Can your furniture be updated with just adding a bit of color or completely replace? What would work best for your home?

Color Scheme:

Does your color scheme flow from room to room? Do the colors coordinate or are the rooms broken up by different room colors or themes? Could your colors distract from the great structure of your house? Can the home be tied together so your home looks like everything belongs together and flows?


Are there a lot of great photos and figurines decorating the shelves and mantel? As I may have mentioned before, photos (even framed) may be distracting to buyers walking through your home. The idea is to have the buyer envision themselves LIVING in your home – personal photos distract from that goal. Less is more ….

Entryways are the gateway into your home and can make a real difference on the overall appearance of you home. Below are some fun and “beachy” ways you can make your home stand out from all the other listings on the Outer Banks.

If you’re thinking about listing your home on the Outer Banks, there’s still time to take advantage of the buyers looking to make the Outer Banks their Vacation Destination!

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