Outer Banks is #1 for Family Beach Vacations!


#1 Beach desitnation

You can smell it in the air – vacation season is coming.

Where do you want to live this summer?

According to a recent report by US News/Travel section, the Outer Banks is the #1 spot for Family Beach Vacations. The Outer Banks beaches are better than Maui, San Diego, Honolulu – Oahu, Cape Cod, U.S. Virgin Island and even Ft. Lauderdale!

We are tops!

You know you want to visit our beaches this summer, but wouldn’t you want to LIVE on the Outer Banks during the summer?

There is so much to see and do, once you visit, you’ll want to live here …. And you can.

By purchasing an Outer Banks vacation home now, you can take advantage of the historic low interest rates. And since the housing prices are increasing, a home purchased now may actually be cheaper than if you wait until later in the summer. Additionally, if you’d like to take advantage of leasing your home during the summer, I can show you those advantages, too.

As with anything – time is of the essence. Spring won’t last long and once tourist season begins, more people will want to get away and buy their vacation home on the Outer Banks.

Contact me today or call 252-255-6518 and let’s have a great time buying a home on the Outer Banks and planning your fun in your new vacation home!!