Vacation Time is here and there’s SO much to do on the Outer Banks this time of year. However, with the fun, there are some things to keep in mind because you’re on the Outer Banks.

Outer Banks’ Beach Road or the Bypass … which do you use?

roadsVacation Time is here and there’s SO much to do on the Outer Banks this time of year. However, with the fun, there are some things to keep in mind because you’re on the Outer Banks.

Here are some tips which will make life easy and breezy this time of year:

  • Grocery Shop EARLY in the morning! Or after 9:00 pm where places are still open. Less wait time and headaches.
  • Since Saturday nights and Sunday nights are “check-in” days, these are the best nights to go out to eat at our wonderful restaurants on the Outer Banks.
  • If your renting on the Outer Banks right now, know your address – perhaps enter it into your phone or on a piece of paper in your purse, beach bag, fanny pack or wallet.
    • Also, make note of each address you’re at just in case you need to call 9-1-1.

Here are some phone numbers if you have a medical emergency:

The Outer Banks Hospital, Nags Head, (252) 449-4500

Outer Banks Urgent Care, Nags Head, (252) 261-8040

Beach Medical Care, Kitty Hawk, (252) 261-4187

HealthEast Family Care, Avon, (252) 995-3073

HealthEast Family Care, Hatteras Village, (252) 986-2756

It’s easy enough to remember to call 9-1-1 in case of an emergency, but what about the phone numbers for non-emergencies? You may just want to enter these into your phone, too.

Kill Devil Hills: 252.449.5337.

Corolla: 252.453.8204.

Kitty Hawk: 252.261.3895

Duck: 252.261.1112 or 252.473.3444

Southern Shores: 252.261.3331

Nags Head: 252.441.6386

Main Roads on the Outer Banks

roads2The Bypass U.S. Highway 158 (aka Croatan Highway) is called the Bypass and runs from the Wright Memorial Bridge in Kitty Hawk through Nags Head. N.C. Highway 12, which runs parallel to the ocean from Corolla all the way through Hatteras Village and picks back up on Ocracoke Island.

The center lane is for TURNING both right and left only, but don’t stop in the moving lane. Get into the center lane and wait your turn to turn.

Beach Road – When this road picks back up on Ocracoke Island, it’s then called Virginia Dare Trail or The Beach Road in the central beach areas. In Southern Shores and Duck it’s called Duck Road.

When traveling in Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills or Nags Head, you can choose between the Bypass and the Beach Road, so pick your route and be prepared to travel accordingly.

The Bypass traffic is a fast 5-lane road – speed limit is 50 mph with many stop lights and car turning.

Beach Road is slow and scenic – speed limit is 35 mph.

Also the Milepost markers make it easy to find your way around the Outer Banks. Each vertical green sign with white numbers is placed at each mile on U.S. 158 and N.C. 12. When heading out, inquire about the mile marker by your destination and you’ll be sure to find it!

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