Let’s Get Lit this Holiday!

It seems like the Holiday lights have been up FOREVER! And they have –  in stores. But if you haven’t lit you home yet, there is still time to put up lights – or get new ideas for next Christmas.

Outdoor Solar Christmas Lights. They are more  expensive than the traditional plug-in light strands, but think of the savings to your electric bill! You could go WILD and decorate an entire yard! Think Grizwald!!

LED Christmas Lights. These also cost more than the traditional plug-in type of lights, but use 90% less energy, last for years, much longer strands and very low fire risk.

Put up permanent brackets. If you know you will be putting up lights every year, you may want to install permanent light clips while you’re putting up lights. Clips generally last three years and save you time next time you light up.

Take them down! While we’re on the subject, take down your lights when the season is over. Not only will you please your neighbors, but it will save your lighting display. Weather will quickly shorten the life of your light strands which may cause a fire hazard later.

Make sure you know where  your power source is  before stringing lights. Extension cords can be a safety hazard to children playing in the yard.

Keep your lights from tangling. Wind strands of lights in a ball! Wrap 5 times in one direction, turn 90 degrees and wrap 5 times, repeating around the ball. Store in cardboard boxes instead of plastic bags. Cardboard will absorb any moisture, extending the life of the light.

Another suggestion for storing lights is wrapping around a coffee can (can you find those anymore?) or an empty oatmeal container. Slice a hole in the lid, place the plug in it and then start winding around.

Now with lights in hand and lots of places to hang them, here is a bit of Holiday inspiration!

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If you don’t have a home or yard to hang lights on this year, you sure can by next year! I can show you how! Contact me today and let’s get started!

Here are some local lights for your Holiday enjoyment!

Poulos Christmas Lights

24th Annual Festival of Trees

Duck’s Yuletide Celebration

Manteo Tree Lighting and Christmas Parade

Winterlights Celebration

Old Fashioned Christmas Celebration Under the Lights

First in Flight Holiday Lights

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