It’s a GREAT Time to Buy Your 2nd Home on the Outer Banks!

School starts next week on tOBX Vacation Homeshe Outer Banks and Labor Day is a couple of weekends away. This may look like vacation time is over, but it may not be. This may be the perfect time to buy your second home on the Outer Banks to enjoy it whenever you need to get away.

As I posted before, home prices haven’t gone up and there are great homes on the Outer Banks market. However, the real estate market  won’t stay like this forever …. The news is getting out that the Outer Banks IS one of the Top 7, Top 10 – well, we’re just one of the TOP vacation spots in the United States. With that publicity, people are going to come check us out. Once they find out just how great a spot it is here, they are going to want to return and then buy and stay. This is just how it goes. Once you come to the Outer Banks, you’re gonna wanna stay. What proof? Have you?

There are a couple of ways to capitalize on all this publicity ….

  • Do nothing
  • Buy your own vacation/2nd home on the Outer Banks
  • Buy your own vacation/2nd home on the Outer Banks, renting it out part-time. (”Twenty-three percent of buyers said they plan to rent out their recently purchased second home, according to a National Association of REALTORS® survey on the second home and vacation home market.”)
  • Buy an investment/rental home on the Outer Banks

Any of these options requires a different approach, with different options and needs. Not done right could not only be frustrating, it could cost you money. I have the experience to assist you or to answer any questions of which option would work out best. Call me today and let’s see what you can do.

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