Is it REALLY cheaper to buy a second home now?

Have you been thinking about purchasing your second home on the Outer Banks – your Outer Banks vacation home – your little hide-a-way, but thought it just wasn’t feasible?

Perhaps it is … within a “short” six years and a major recession, second home prices and low interest rates, just may have set that dream home within reach.

Back in 2006 our dream vacation home on the Outer Banks may have been listed around $500,000 –  that may have been a bit out of your reach. However, that same home may be listed for $400,00 or less right now. Couple that lower price WITH today’s interest rates*, and here’s what you may be looking at …






That’s quite a difference in monthly payments – almost $1,500 per month lower just within six years AND without doing anything.

Kind of makes you want to go out and look, doesn’t it? Well, give me a call and we’ll get started!

*Jumbo rates may apply at different price points – ask me for more details.