Does your pillow have an expiration date?

If you’re getting ready to move on the Outer Banks or just early spring cleaning, you may want to know what you should toss out … or shouldn’t.

Most manufacturers of perishables admit that the ‘sell by,’ ‘best by,’ and ‘best before’ dates have nothing to do with the safety of the food. AND isn’t it confusing?  Most consumers tend to toss out good food too soon.

What about the bigger items in your house? Do they have expiration dates as well? Many other things around your home do have expiration dates:

Pillows –To check if a pillow is past its prime, most people just look at the cover. If you fold a pillow in two and it doesn’t bounce back, experts say it’s time to replace it.

Mattress – Do you know when your mattress is past its best? As long as there are no lumps and valleys on the surface, most would say. But they don’t take into account the dust mites accumulating in the mattress over the years. Experts suggest to change a mattress every 10 years or so.

toothbrushToothbrush – Regardless of their condition, toothbrushes must be replaced every 3-4 months. After that, they become a bacteria bed.

Mascara – To perform as it’s meant to, the mascara should not be older than 3 months.

Lipsticks – Lipsticks are breeding ground for bacteria. They should be thrown away after 2 years.

Liquid Makeup – This should be replaced every 6 months.

Facial Cleansers – Most cleansers expire after 6 months.

Towels – Towels that you use every day are expected to last 2-5 years.

Dish Washers – These are expected to last 9-11 years.

Washers – Washers can last 10-11 years.

Dryers – Dryers can last as long as 10-13 years.

Here are some household things you should not throw in the trash.

Batteries – We’re talking about the rechargeable, lithium-ion batteries. Household batteries post 1997 can be thrown into the trash.

Electronics – Again, some contain hazardous materials that are better recycled.

Energy Efficient Light bulbs – These contain small amounts of mercury, meaning they must be disposed of safely. Most hardware stores collect them.

Used Paint – Liquid paints and solvents are dangerous and flammable. They should either be recycled or allowed to dry completely; by keeping the can of paint open. Once it’s solid, you can throw it in the trash.

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