Do Home Sales Stop with the Holidays?

Holidays on the Outer BanksHalloween is tomorrow and it isn’t long before the Holidays are upon us. Have you SEEN those holiday commercials already??

Are the Holidays REALLY a good time to list your home?

You BET it is!! Here are the Top 3 Reasons you should list your home on the Outer Banks:

1. Buyers are getting down to business! Buyers are more serious during this time and there is less competition!

2. Amped up online listings! Between hectic holiday schedules and colder weather, many buyers will be perusing the online listings rather than attending open houses.

3. Break out the décor! Seasonal decorations help homes look festive, warm and cozy. And don’t forget outdoor lights and fireplaces – with shorter days ahead buyers will most likely be viewing at night. Scented candles, music, and cozy blankets on the couch make for an inviting feel!

If you’re hesitant to list now because the Holidays season
is just around the corner, I am here to help!
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Let me show how this is a great time to sell your home on the Outer Banks!

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