Choosing paint colors for your home on the Outer Banks

Vanessa WatsonWhether you have just moved into your new home on the Outer Banks, getting ready to list your home OR are getting things ready for graduation or summer fun, you may want to change up the color of your rooms.

So HOW do you choose the right paint color to set off your rooms?

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Lots of Choices!!Here are some links that may give you some ideas, too:

TIP: You may want to purchase a small sample and paint a good sized square on your wall … repaint a square is a lot easier than repainting an entire room.

Need more ideas?


Get ready for design overload because you will find anything and everything pinned to boards. I suggestion following a few great pinners for ideas and then adding to them. Start your own board or boards to what you like to organize your thoughts and ideas.

Follow some fun idea sites

Trulia – on Facebook – Trulia isn’t just home sales, they have some great home styling ideas.

Houselogic – This site has great ideas for design, simple maintenance and fun things to do outside. Worth checking out.

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