Happy Memorial Day!

Safety first on the Outer Banks! Know your address!!

If you use your cell phone, don’t rely on it giving your location. Keep track of the addresses as you visit places on the Outer Banks!

Don’t Let a Rental Scam ruin your Vacation on the Outer Banks

Online listings really help when promoting a home for sale on the Outer Banks – and listings can be found everywhere. However, easy access also gives materials to scammers. According to the Kill Devil Hills Police department, “There’s so much available online now about these rental homes. I mean, you can take the virtual tours. […]

April is Fair Housing Month

April is National Fair Housing Month, however, Fair Housing is extremely important and something we need to think about every day. We make sure everyone is treated fairly! This may be a long post, but very important …. It contains who is protected, what is protected and where you can go to complain if you […]

Outer Banks March Housing Numbers

Inventory is up, but sales are down. We may have bottomed out on the Outer Banks, but it still may take some time to get our heads above water. Homes are selling but it does take a little time and a lot of professional know-how. That’s where I come in to help with the sale […]

Vacation Home Sales SURGE in 2013!

According to a recent survey by the National Association of REALTORS®, vacation home sales increased a lot in 2013. Vacation home sales              UP     29.7% (13% of all transactions) Investment home sales         Down 8.5% Owner-occupied homes         UP       […]

Spring Ahead on Sunday and check those alarms!!

Another Daylight Savings is fast approaching. Sunday, March 9th is the time to set our clocks an hour ahead making us REALLY tired or messed up the next day. Sunday is also a reminder to check our fire and / or carbon monoxide alarm batteries. But it may be a good time to check the […]

Does your pillow have an expiration date?

If you’re getting ready to move on the Outer Banks or just early spring cleaning, you may want to know what you should toss out … or shouldn’t. Most manufacturers of perishables admit that the ‘sell by,’ ‘best by,’ and ‘best before’ dates have nothing to do with the safety of the food. AND isn’t […]

What’s in Store with the New Qualified Mortgage Rule?

The beginning of 2014 may prove to be interesting when applying for a single family home mortgage. Starting January 10th, the “Qualified Mortgage Rule” goes into effect for loans insured, guaranteed or administered by HUD or the Federal Housing Administration. HUD’s new rule, which is similar to the rule issued by the Consumer Financial Protection […]

FHA Loan Cap Rates Lower for the Outer Banks in 2014

What goes up, must come down. Who thought this would apply to FHA loan caps? Beginning right at the stroke of mid-night of 2014, the current FHA loan cap of $729,750 will be reduced to $625,500 in high-cost areas. FHA will keep its current loan limits in place in areas where housing costs are lower […]