2015 February Sale Stats for the Outer Banks

With a couple months into 2015, housing sales started a little strong. However, when the weather turned cold and snowy, sales predictably went south (who wouldn’t to find warmer temps!). But overall, the AVERAGE sales were up 6% over last year. ON THE AVERAGE Residential Sales for single family homes were up 7% with 178 […]

Should you let the buyers move in before closing?

The deal looks almost fool proof and you’re waiting to close. The buyers either need to move in right away or they just want to. Of course, moving out of a home and into the next can seem almost impossible to organize, and letting someone in just a “little” early seems like the nice thing […]

Have you just posted your offer on Facebook?

Buying or selling a on the Outer Banks can be pretty nerve racking in itself, but there’s no need to shoot yourself in the foot by posting your thoughts and actions on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram or Twitter. Many a buyer or seller has put themselves into a sticky situation by posting, “I just put […]

Keep your Treasures & Medications safe during open houses

It seems thefts during Open Houses and showings tend to be a problem – at least some places in the United States. According to a recent REALTOR® Magazine (and an ABC News report) a woman in Maryland had stolen more than $82,000 worth of jewelry from 12 luxury homes during open houses. According to ABC […]

The Buyer just Asked you What??

When you have your home on the market on the Outer Banks, there may be some really doozies of a question presented to you. No matter how much you want to sell your home, there are some questions a seller does not have to answer. Your real estate agent is there to field those for […]