Attention all Burglars on the Outer Banks!!

treeAttention all Burglars!!! I am away for the Holidays and NOT home so come and take all my stuff!!

Silly? But true. However, you may be showing the world you either have new EXPENSIVE things or out of the house so your expensive things can get stolen.

Got a new computer? Got a new big screen TV for Christmas? How about a new wii? Yup, the neighborhood all knows it, too, because you set the boxes out in the trash last night. Instead, it may be better if you break down these boxes and take them to the recycle center near you.

Yard getting a little unruly over the winter months? This makes great cover – cover for someone to hide in and break into your home without being seen.  Nicely groomed yards deter break-ins. Oh, and while you’re at it, make sure the lawn stays mowed. That is always a nice sign you’re gone for a while.

Can’t wait to post your vacation photos from the Outer Banks on Facebook or tweet how good dinner here is? Wait – social media is like a personalized invitation to walk right in. Post those vacation photos when you get back.

Is your jewelry all in one spot in your master bedroom? That’s the place burglars go to first to grab your valuable and cash – in your master bedroom. You may want to invest / install a wall safe or rent a safety deposit box for your extremely valuable jewels.

Is EVERYTHING, including passwords on your laptop? Perhaps you may want to keep more items in the clouds. If your computer is stolen along with your big screen TV, then you may be able to recover your files and also not give your burglars access to your online bank accounts and credit cards.

Winter & Christmas is vacation time on the Outer Banks and many break-ins happen during the winter months. Don’t become a victim of home theft – protect yourself and your valuables. But just in case, make sure your renters or home insurance is current and that you have enough coverage.

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