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What could you do with a little rope?

What could you do with a little rope? Well here are some great decorating ideas that could make interesting additions to your Outer Banks decor. Let me know if you try any of these or have other ways to use rope. Rustic Rope Pulls Shipshape Design Together Kitchen designs, bathroom designs, and more ∨Whether granite […]

Festivals on the Outer Banks!

There is STILL so much to do on the Outer Banks from now until fall!! So much FUN!! 7th Annual Outer Banks Watermelon Festival – August 8th The Outer Banks Watermelon Festival is one of the most unique festivals in the area. Lots of fun for the family like the splash tank, moon bounce, inflatable […]

It’s ME on the Marquee!!

Ready 2 BUY or SELL ~ Call Vanessa!! #252-202-8181

Have you heard that the Outer Banks is a “shore” bet?

“From the sea to the sound, this North Carolina vacation spot packs plenty of fun.” ~ New York Post Well, the secret’s out – according to the New York Post, “The Outer Banks is a shore bet”. Another great article and all so true!! Jennifer Ceaser did a fantastic job writing about all the great […]

Are you ready for Hurricane Season on the Outer Banks?

Living on the Outer Banks, you’re certainly aware we’re in Hurricane season during the summer months into the first of November. Last few years have been rough and there has been some extreme damage throughout the Outer Banks with each storm. I know I’m not saying anything new, but there are some things that can […]

Happy 4th of July!!!

When is your new home on the Outer Banks actually YOURS?

Home buying and selling on the Outer Banks can be tricky, especially when there are so many myth, urban legends, half-truths and un-truths flying around by many well-meaning folks. Once people find out you are either buying and selling a home on the Outer Banks, suddenly everyone becomes an expert in real estate and want […]