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2013 is looking to be a great year in Real Estate on the Outer Banks! Just a few highlights from my video: 2013 is going to be a GREAT year for both Sellers & Buyers!! The Real Estate Market is improving throughout the United States and on the Outer Banks! Mortgage Rates are LOW! If […]

New Lending Rules started January 21st!

There’s a new Sheriff in town, well actually it’s new rules for mortgages and lenders and they will affect how you are able to get a home loan on the Outer Banks. All lending institutions from huge national banks to community banks to credit unions will now have to follow the new rules. Essentially, everywhere […]

December Real Estate Market Ends a Stronger 2012

December 2012 Real Estate Sales on the Outer Banks Looking at the sales on the Outer Banks for December and throughout all of 2012, the year didn’t turn out so bad. In fact in many areas, sales were pretty darn good. For the full year to date which ended December 31, 2012, Real Estate Sales […]

FEMA is reminding us to “Resolve 2B Ready in 2013”.

Even though we are just into 2013, it’s never too early to prepare for Summer and Fall Storms. We have taken a hit these last couple of years and it’s best to lay out plans now, rather than later. FEMA is reminding us to “Resolve 2B Ready in 2013”. Since 55% of our population own […]

2013 Revaluation Project

Every eight years the properties in North Carolina are revaluated according to North Carolina law. This requires all counties to reappraise all real estate property every eight years. The last time this was done was 2005, so now that it’s 2013 we will be having our real estate revaluated. Dare County has set up a […]