Archives for November 2012

Let’s Get Lit this Holiday!

It seems like the Holiday lights have been up FOREVER! And they have –  in stores. But if you haven’t lit you home yet, there is still time to put up lights – or get new ideas for next Christmas. Outdoor Solar Christmas Lights. They are more  expensive than the traditional plug-in light strands, but […]

Market News and Buyer Trends on the Outer Banks!

The Outer Banks Association of Realtors® has released their monthly housing report for October and it’s not too bad. Residential homes are up again this month. Outer Banks YTD Sales in Units Overall – up 21% (1733 units vs 1429 units) Residential – Up 16% (1344 units vs 1157 units) Land – Up 48% (368 […]

Is your vacation home covered?

Having a vacation home on the Outer Banks is great! We have such a great place to get away from everything and just have fun. However (you knew there was an “however”), you may want to check with your insurance company about coverage if you leave either property vacant for any period of time. Insurance […]

We all have plans, right?

Sandy sure took a real toll on the East Coast. Perhaps it’s time to assess what type of plans we had in place this time for Sandy to be ready for the next one.  We all have plans, right? Since disasters is are a hot topic right now, information is readily available and should be […]